Dog's Breakfast House

"Dog's Breakfast has been British slang for a complete mess since at least the 1930s. While no one took the time to write down the exact origin of the phrase, the allusion involved seems to be a failed culinary effort, perhaps a burned or botched omelet, fit only for consumption by the mouth of the last resort, Fido. As a vivid figure of speech meaning something so fouled up as to be utterly useless, "dog's breakfast" can cover anything from a play plagued by collapsing scenary to a space mission ruined by mathematical error. The phrase is heard occassionally in the U.S., but is more common in the U.K. and Commonwealth countries" (Urban Dictionary).

Architects are typically trained to embrace context - separate new from old and in a way that treats the past with reverence. But how should architects respond to physical context that is a complete mess? We tried many different options; most of these led nowhere as wholes, but fragments of some iterations were collaged with other into our current proposal.

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Name:                    Dog's Breakfast

Completion:            In Construction

Location:                Redmond, WA USA

Scope:                   Small addition to an existing house, filling in

               an existing outdoor courtyard with a triple

               height media room space connecting a poorly

               arranged interior.

Area:                3300 SF     


Architect:          Paul Michael Davis

                        Ryan Salas

Structural:          Karl Rosman

               Swenon Say Faget

Contractor:        Denis Holzknecht

               Inglewood Construction Inc.