Avia 266 Community Center

The owners of a 200-unit apartment complex on the border of Mesa and Tempe, Arizona, asked us to design a small addition to their existing community center. In response, we designed an addition which not only gives the clients the requested extra interior space, but also transforms the building into more of a landmark.

Working within a very tight budget, we designed a simple structure for the addition, along with a series of playful sun shades above the roof, which give the building more presence. We also added matching shade sails on a nearby sport court in an effort to tie the overall site together.

New shared kitchen space in community center addition

Community center addition looking toward new patio

Interior view of the new lounge addition. Tinted concrete floors contrast with a clean, bright interior palette

Physical study model showing our lounge addition in the context of the overall apartment complex site

We designed sun shades for a new sport court amenity in the complex to coordinate with the shades at the new community center.


Name:               Avia 266 Community Center

Completion:      2018

Location:           Tempe, Arizona USA

Scope:              Selective renovations at an existing apartment

                         complex, including an addition and gut renovation

                         of the existing community center, shade structures

                         at an existing sport court, and an interior renovation

                         of the exercise room.

Area:                 1500 SF


Architect:     Paul Michael Davis

                   Graham Day

                   Tiffany Chow

Structural:    Greg S. Broderick, Broderick Engineering LLC

Contractor:   Watermark Contracting LLC

                    Mark Lynch

Community center elevation with our proposed lounge addition

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Our project also included an interior expansion and renovation of the fitness center for the apartment complex.